Continual Systems Optimization
Implementation Risk Reduction
Data-Driven Business Intelligence and Quality Improvement

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Voxent’s primary focus is making organizations successful in their implementation and ongoing use of systems that have been customized for use by Planned Parenthood organizations. Through the use of Voxent products and services, organizations are assured that their systems not only comply with PPFA Standards and Guidelines (medical, practice management, and EHR) but that they will continue to meet evolving regulatory requirements for meaningful use, privacy, and security and will enable participation in a local and regional health exchange.
Voxent delivers the PM and EHR applications in a Planned Parenthood specific way, enabling organizations to implement successfully in less time and with less risk. Voxent has a unique mix of expertise that includes a deep understanding of PM and EHR applications (including interfacing these applications with critical third parties such as labs), the Planned Parenthood health care delivery model, and comprehensive project management for large systems initiatives – this mix of expertise cannot be replicated elsewhere with a single vendor.
Voxent’s QIW combines aggregated data with a robust suite of operational and clinical reports that provide not only cost-effective compliance reporting, but multi-dimensional, benchmarked business and clinical quality analysis. This gives Planned Parenthood organizations critical, actionable intelligence as healthcare delivery becomes even more competitive in the era of healthcare reform.