Quality Information Warehouse

The QIW is a Voxent-hosted data warehouse and reporting system that helps an organization gain business intelligence and meet reporting requirements. QIW is a repository of de-identified data from member oraganizations. Using an approach called the Quality Improvement Process™ (QIP), the data in the QIW helps monitor, analyze and assess the configuration and the use of NextGen Healthcare. It also gives the organization access to operational, management, and quality indicators for better understanding of the processes and performances through creation of business intelligence. The QIW has various modules that work together and build on each other to help understand and improve the quality of the data, the processes and, ultimately, the outcomes.

Voxent Frameworks provide the essential data standards needed to ensure that information gathered from NextGen is consistent, meaningful and comparable both within an affiliate and between affiliates. The Frameworks allow the organization to standardize data to support internal enterprise (across centers), organization-to-organization comparisons, and consistent Federation reporting.