EPM Framework

The EPM Framework™ provides a standardized build for much of the core configuration items needed to implement NextGen Practice Management. The Framework elements are designed to enable use of Voxent reports for regulatory and compliance reporting and to facilitate development and leveraging of best practices. By using the EPM Framework™ data standard, an organization may then make comparisons to other Planned Parenthood organizations.

Since business practices and operating models vary widely, not all aspects of the EPM configuration are standardized; organizations may customize the system within the overall structure of the Framework to meet their specific needs.

The Framework also includes technology solutions that improve revenue cycle processing. This includes billing agents which checks the quality of charge data and, optionally, corrects the information based on rules set by the organization.

Finally, the EPM Framework™ includes tools and resources used by Voxent and the organization’s staff to support the implementation of NextGen’s Practice Management system.

  • Finance
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Demographics
  • Billings and Claims
  • Security
  • Billing Agents
  • Charge Entry Quality Module
Tools and Resources
  • Implementation Plan & Checklists
  • Assessment Tools
  • Configuration Guides
  • Training & User Guide Materials