EHR Framework

The EHR Framework™ is designed to expedite and simplify the clinical documentation process for all levels of clinic staff. The Framework includes a comprehensive suite of clinical documentation templates conceived and built according to Planned Parenthood requirements and services. Templates from Abstraction to Vasectomy collect relevant, structured data that adhere to the PPFA Medical Standards & Guidelines, facilitate seamless charge passing into EPM, support QA and other operational reporting needs and improve patient care and safety outcomes.

Clinical best practices and decision support are built into the Framework and while the Framework is largely standardized, affiliates may configure certain data points in the templates for areas ranging from billing to abnormal follow up, based on affiliate-specific requirements.

As the Framework continues to expand and evolve, so to will its scope; future versions of the Framework will include device integration and increased support of various data standards.

Finally, the EHR Framework™ includes tools and resources used by Voxent and the organization’s staff to support the implementation of NextGen’s EHR system.

  • PPFA EHR Data Standards
  • Compliance/QI Data Points
  • Current Medical Standards & Guidelines
  • Billing Integration/Charge Passing to EPM
  • Generation of Single Visit Summaries
  • Decision Support
  • Operational Reporting
  • Device Integration
Tools and Resources
  • Clinical Readiness Assessment
  • Implementation Plan & Checklists
  • Configuration Guides
  • Training & User Guide Materials