Eighty Percent
With recent implementations of practice management systems, 80% of Planned Parenthood visits are now supported using Voxent technologies and services... >>More


First Customer on Application Service with EPM Plus
The first customer to use Voxent’s new Application Service, along with EPM Plus, is now live. A new implementation approach and solution, called EPM Plus, allows an organization to quickly get running on NextGen system... >>More


Voxent Now Offering Hosted Version of NextGen
Voxent is now offering a hosted version of NextGen Practice Management and EHR solutions. This “Application Service” is bundled with Voxent proven implementation services, Frameworks and, our warehouse solution, QIW. >>More


Voxent to highlight QIW at upcoming PPFA conference
This year, besides hosting its own booth, Voxent will be providing joint analysis demonstrations alongside PPFA’s data analytics group at this year’s Planned Parenthood National Conference in Washington, D.C. >>More


Planned Parenthood Texas Capital begins pilot use of Voxent’s new NextGen Application Service
Voxent is completing the development of a new NextGen Application Service. This services includes Voxent hosting the NextGen Healthcare’s Practice Management and Electronic Health Record application, while providing application support services to the affiliate. >>More


Michael W. Bridges is hired as NGHN’s new CEO.
Michael has joined the NGHN team as its new CEO and President. He brings over 26 years of experience in the health information technology industry, with leadership positions at provider organizations and leading technology solution vendors including GE Healthcare and Intel. >>More


NGHN designated as Planned Parenthood’s national health information technology MSO.
Planned Parenthood Federation (PPFA) and NGHN have finalized an agreement to develop a national Planned Parenthood HIT MSO. The funding to support this work has been formally approved by both the PPFA Executive Committee and the NGHN Board. >>More