Voxent™ offers services, coupled with enhancements to NextGen products, designed to assist Planned Parenthood organizations to more effectively implement and use NextGen Practice Management and EHR products. Voxent does not resell the NextGen product. NextGen Healthcare products and services are purchased directly from the vendor. Planned Parenthood organizations contract with Voxent to obtain only Voxent solutions and services, including implementation support, data and reporting services, custom EHR templates, tools and resources, and the Voxent community.

As a part of our services, Voxent has developed a NextGen implementation process tailored for Planned Parenthood. Working with NextGen Healthcare, the Voxent project manager works to ensure that all implementation activities are completed.

Classified as a large NextGen Healthcare customer, Voxent works to resolve systemic application issues and influence the NextGen product roadmap. Voxent also sponsors the Planned Parenthood NextGen Users Group. Non-Voxent customers may attend these meetings.

The EPM and EHR Frameworks include technology solutions that work in conjunction with NextGen applications. This includes Billing Agents, which work with NextGen Practice Management. Clinical document templates, which function with NextGen EHR product. These documentation templates build upon the current KBM. Voxent maintains the certification knowledge and provides on-going support and maintenance of its Frameworks, ensuring that these are forward-compatible with NextGen upgrades.