Voxent is a not-for-profit, technology services organization offering products and services that enable Planned Parenthood to adopt and utilize NextGen Healthcare’s (NextGen) Electronic Practice Management (EPM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems.

Utilizing tools and implementation resources developed specifically for Planned Parenthood, Voxent accelerates the adoption of EHR while minimizing risks associated with new technology.  Voxent developed EPM and EHR Frameworks include standards, technology and resources to support an optimal implementation. These Frameworks are used by Voxent staff to manage and support the system installation.

With the goal of improving patient outcomes and clinical success measures, technology is used to empower Planned Parenthood organizations in making data based decisions and continuous quality improvements. In support of this, Voxent provides a hosted data warehouse, called Quality Information Warehouse, to meet:

  • Operational, productivity and outcome management
  • Comparison to benchmarks and other organizations
  • State, Federation and other reporting requirements